5 Podcasts You Must Check Out, Right Now...

Who else loves podcasts as much as I do?!!?!

Seriously, I kind of can’t remember what I did before podcasts. Listen to music, maybe?

Podcasts have become my go-to companion when I’m commuting to work, riding a bike, cooking dinner and so much more. For me, they’ve become a fantastic source for growing in my faith, getting informed on current events, and learning more about favorite writers and celebrities.

I’ve got probably 10 podcasts that I cycle through on a consistent basis and a few others I check in with every now and then. But today, I wanted to share my five current favorites that I truly think are a MUST listen. I’m posting this from iPad, and the Squarespace app is struggling to let me link to the podcast websites, SO… you can find all of these podcasts on the Apple Podcast app as well as the Overcast App (which has become my preferred podcast listening tool. The sound is better!).

Check ‘em out and let me know what you think!


Discipleshift Podcast with Krish Kandiah

If you were to stop reading this post right now, that would be fine with me as long as you go listen to the Discipleshift Podcast. If this had been a live show, I would have begged for an encore at the end of each episode. The conversations Krish has with his guests around faith and church and culture are so thought provoking and transformative, you’ll likely want to give some of them a second listen.

I found out about this podcast during my first week at work. World Relief sponsored the podcast, and I think helped produce it. In a season where church has felt really disappointing for me, this podcast has been so challenging and encouraging. I’d encourage everyone to lean in and give it a listen.


Pantsuit Politics

This is another one I want to shout from the rooftops: “Everyone! Stop what you’re doing and listen to this right now!!”
Their tagline says it all: ”The home for grace-filled political conversations.”

Each week, Sarah from the left and Beth from the right respond to what happened in American politics and current events across the globe. They often have differing viewpoints, and it’s refreshing to hear them discuss their opinions, look for common ground, and challenge the rest of us polarized Americans to rethink the way we engage politically.

I’ll be the first to admit - politics can be overwhelming. So far, I have voted in 3 presidential elections and one local election. Each time I approach the ballot box thinking, “I wish I were more informed.”

This podcast has helped so much. One thing I would say to anyone who would like to be more informed, but feels intimidated is this: give yourself some grace and just get started. You’ll never be fully informed on every political issue. But there are things you can do to be more informed, and this podcast is a life giving way to dive in.


The Next Right Thing

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute…wasn’t this on your book list?”

Yes. Yes it was. But the book started out as a podcast and I’d highly recommend both. They’ve probably been two of the most transformative tools I’ve encountered in the last year or so. Each episode is only 13-18 minutes and they always end with some kind of reflection or prayer practice. And Emily’s voice is so soothing.

If your struggling to discern your next steps, or if you just desire to connect with God more intimately, then this podcast is so for you!


The Eternal Current Podcast

This podcast is the very definition of soul food. The host, Aaron Neiquist, takes 10 episodes to dive deeper into the content of his book (also called the Eternal Current). I’m struggling to find the right words to describe why I like this podcast. I think maybe its because I’ve been craving some pastoral leadership in my life, and God came through with that provision through this podcast. Aaron’s work and words have been guiding me deeper into what it means to accept Christ’s invitation to participation and be a Christian of both faith and action.

Okay. I’m going to quit talking about this one now because everything I say just seems to cheapen the experience I had listening to this one. Give it a go.

Also, I will say this before I stop — the episodes get better as they go along. I found the first two to be a little too melancholy (and that’s saying a lot for an enneagram 4). The conversations were good (hello— Sarah Bessey was his first guest!), but I think it took a couple episodes to strike the balance between reverent and heavy. So just know that going in and don’t give up if they feel too heavy. Keep listening!


Armchair Expert

Okay…now for the FUN!!!!

I LOVE Dax Shepherd’s podcast so much. First of all, he’s funny. He asks really great questions, and his guests are phenomenal. I love the way he really seeks to understand the human experience and have real conversations with both his celebrity guests and his “expert” guests.

I almost titled this post “4 podcasts to help you grow and 1 that’s just for fun.” But then I realized, this fun podcasts will grow you just as much as the others because Dax uses the podcast to grow and learn, himself.

It’s truly a good time.

I will put add this disclaimer, though (just so no one is caught off guard). The language is often R rated, but please don’t let that deter you from giving it a try. Scan through the list and look for a guest you already love of and get started. I promise you’ll like it. And if you dont…then maybe we can’t be friends anymore ; )

Happy Podcasting!

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